Vented Dryer


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                                   1. 9KG Capacitymeet all family need

                                   2. Intelligent drying programs, intelligent stop when clothes dried

                                   3. LED display show clear drying information

                                   4. Stainless Steel Tub provide durability and protect clothes better

                                   5. PCM cabinet

                                   6. Protection door with dural layers made of ABS

                                   7. Fashionable design, slope 20°control board offer easier operation

                                   8. 5 drying time settings, 10 intelligent programs settings

                                   9. More programs for your optionals depend on what you need

                                   10. Forward and reverse rotation, avoid clothes to be wrinkling

                                   11. Temperature sensor only

                                   12. Free standing

                                   13. Removable lint filters, easy to clean

                                   14. Specification



                                   -N.W.: 34KG

                                   -G.W.: 39KG

                                   -Product Dimension: 595x600x845mm

                                   -Packing Dimension: 710x690x909mm

                                   -Input Power: 2000W

                                   -Heating Power: 1800W

                                   -Motor Power: 110W

                                   -Inner Tub Speed53~58RPM


                                   -40HQ: 170PCS

                                   -40FCL: 114PCS

                                   -20FCL: 54PCS


                                   NOTE: Refer user manual before use

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