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Is the home dryer worth buying? Don't decide whether to plant grass until you finish watching it

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  In the rainy season, we always dry our clothes for several days after washing them. Even when the washing machine dries, it doesn't dry as easily, resulting in a nauseating, unpleasant smell. We only need a dryer to solve this difficult problem.

  In Europe and the United States, the dryer has long been popular, but in China there are many people who are skeptical of the dryer and even think it is a waste of electricity and money of gadgets. The truth is that the dryer has so many benefits that you may not know it can change your lifestyle in a sense. Today I will tell you about the dryer, and look at its N advantages, and then decide whether to plant grass or pull grass!

  Let the balcony return original use

  The balcony is the private space that has very plasticity, a lot of families are willing to spend money to decorate it very beautiful. But air clothes is a very big problem however, bask in the balcony of full dress again beautiful believe you also do not want to stay more! Especially in winter and rainy days, clothes temporarily dry occupied the balcony, very headache!

  Dry clothes are soft and fluffy

  The softness of the clothes that USES dryer to dry and shaggy degree kill air directly the clothes that basks in dry, especially towel, fleeciness does not send hard. Dryer in the completion of drying work twenty minutes before cooling in addition to wrinkles, not only clean and soft, also won't be like drying clothes wrinkled.

  3. High temperature sterilization

  Because of the ancient Chinese tradition and the lack of popularity of clothes dryers, people like to hang their clothes outdoors and enjoy the so-called smell of sunshine, which is actually the smell of mites carcasses. When drying clothes, the dryer can kill bacteria and viruses that are attached to the clothes. Choose ironing program + weak heat additionally, still can remove the peculiar smell on the dress.

  4. Due to the rampant haze, it is easy to bring health risks to hang clothes

  In the current air environment, PM2.5 haze is rampant, and there are a lot of bacteria and dust in the air. Even the clothes exposed to the sun are not guaranteed to really kill bacteria. And house building space is very small now, the time that the balcony gets sunshine is very limited, it is natural air mostly, its eliminate bacterium effect is weak.
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