Common Problems

Dryer has so many advantages, so how should we choose a good dryer?

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  The heating element

  At present, mainly PTC based, special PTC heating body, high heating efficiency, that is, energy saving, and durable. Multiple safety protection function design, automatic constant temperature, safe to use, rest assured.

  See the power

  The power of the dryer is 500-2000, cost-effective power is 1000, the power is too low dry clothes speed is slow, high power consumption.

  Look at the timing range

  Timing range has 0-480 minutes, generally 100 minutes or so is enough, the range is too large to use, the scope is too small clothes do not do. Why? Dry clothes are taken off water commonly, feel not very cool after airing a day, just use dryer, save electricity so. So the more time you have to dry, the better. Boasting about the wide range of dry clothes is just what businesses look for.

  Look at the bracket material

  At present, dryer products generally include three materials: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron. Many businesses boast of good stainless steel, please think about it, in fact, there are many types of stainless steel, 202 stainless steel is also likely to rust, good stainless steel is 304 stainless steel. Can ask a businessman, what model is their dryer stainless steel? Hey hey, cost performance is relatively high or aluminum alloy, because iron will rust after a year or two.

  Look at the control mode

  At present, there are mechanical microcomputer type and remote control type. In these 3 kinds, astute consumer can see more practical is which kind of? After drying, we want to see how dry the clothes are. If they are not very dry, we need to continue to bake, right? So is remote control necessary?

  The diaphragm

  Square double layer dryer has a part to call partition (towel rack), it is two nets commonly, the businessman of cut corners gets a stick stick to fool past saying is double layer. The outer cover is usually made of PU adhesive Oxford cloth, which is environmentally friendly and durable. Heat preservation and energy saving, can prevent outside dust and bacteria to invade the clothes, really do "spotless".

  See if it's a brushless fan

  No carbon brush fan no pollution and environmental protection. Super quiet intelligent fan, large air volume, no heat. Unique chip control, high efficiency and long service life.

  See the wind hood

  Whether 360 degrees all aspects of large Angle air supply, whether to use high strength metal mesh cover, stronger than plastic mesh cover, strong support force, no plastic odor when high temperature.
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