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The clothes are in the dryer. I drink tea on the balcony

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  Dryers and dishwashers are two controversial issues of labor ethics in ordinary Chinese families. As for why dryers and dishwashers are not yet widely available in China, the all-seeing zhihu user offers an economic explanation -- all because the country is not rich enough. Who would buy thousands of dollars worth of appliances for a few bowls of clothes?

  Dishwasher, the life convenience that dryer brings, behoof and freezer, washing machine are domestic standard to match likewise, build gentleman to feel conditional word is ok include list of home appliance. The cost of time is a valuable asset compared to the price of the appliance itself. Spending time doing endless household chores can easily lead to anxiety about a midlife crisis. Housewives, of course, want more time to get dressed up and go shopping and have a little bit of a life, right?

  Today zaojun would like to recommend the dryer, chopped hands are said to be worth cutting. Especially in the humid, moldy south, the dryer is the savior.

  Clothes go to the dryer

  The balcony is mine

  Build gentleman to had been pushed before how to transform a balcony that has life interest and beautiful again, other people's home balcony is clothesline area, your home balcony is air garden, backstage receives a lot of message, it is to ask that my dress hangs which? There is only one solution -- the dryer.

  In fact, the balcony is not really suitable for hanging clothes. From the perspective of orientation, how could a south-facing balcony be willing to hang clothes to dry? The clothes that hang hang in line, destroyed balcony scenery to say not to say, still blocked the light badly. The balcony that faces north, clothes sheet does not dry easily again.

  The balcony that is occupied by the clothes by force, as if in the home the usable area of a few square metre is less again, can be used apparently a variety of living form.
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