Common Problems

Why not suggest washing quilts at home?

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  One, material problem

  Family: such as wool quilt, camel hair quilt, silk quilt and other special material quilts, can not use the method of washing clean.

  Professional laundromat: professional laundromat has large-scale dry cleaning equipment and cleaning solvent, which can clean some quilts made of special materials.

  Ii. Cleanliness

  Family: due to the small capacity of the domestic washing machine, it is not easy to put away the small quilt. It is difficult to roll up the machine and wash it clean, because the quilt can hardly move in the washing machine. The cleanliness is poor after washing like this.

  Professional laundromat: professional laundromat USES large capacity and high speed industrial washing machine with large space. The quilt can be fully stirred and cleaned in the washing machine. In addition, professional laundromat has professional processing capacity and complete cleaning materials, which can maintain a high degree of cleanliness after washing.

  Residual detergent

  Family: because domestic use washing machine space is limited, quilt cannot get very good roll agitate, water quantity is little, remove scour hard, remain much.

  Professional laundromat: professional laundromat USES large-capacity washing equipment with large amount of washing water. Washing and rinsing can effectively remove residual detergent.
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