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Qingdao aokema company executive vice President and his delegation came to our company to investigate and negotiate cooperation

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  On November 19, 2018, sun yizhen, executive vice general manager of acomar company and his delegation visited our company and discussed the cooperation strategy.

  During the visit, accompanied by the company general manager rafnar b, aucma Sun Yizhen, deputy general manager of the delegation toured the o f dryer laboratory, and the dryer series products of our company field experience and guidance, Sun Yizhen deputy general manager to give o f dryer highly appreciates, vowed to further strengthen the forrester, dryer and aucma exchanges and cooperation, promote common development.

  After the visit, general manager guo feng said that he would take this cooperation as the starting point, toward the established goal, focus on the intensive cultivation of the market, the focus of the industry and the improvement of products.
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