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Why does the dryer that almost every family must have in foreign countries get cold at home?

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  Not long ago, the six-day electronic consumer exhibition (IFA) in Berlin, Germany came to an end. 1,805 manufacturers presented us with a sumptuous technology feast in the 160,000 square meters exhibition hall. The special partner of ZOL also found some strange phenomena on the site of the exhibition hall. For example, washing machines and dry clothes units are basically exhibited by foreign brands. And homebred brand is with washing machine give priority to dozen.

  Washing machine a liberated the people's hands, bring convenience for life, in terms of domestic washing machine is quite popular, all is the essential electrical appliances product, however, partner as a washing machine, dryer, in the domestic market is fundamental "unpopular", and even friends say haven't seen this kind of electrical appliances.

  Washing machines exhibited by foreign brands are combined with dryers

  The author has also visited the domestic electrical stores, in the sale of the basic is a variety of washing machine products, dryer can be said to be as rare as the existence. Why does the clothes dryer, which is inseparable from the washing machine in foreign countries, get cold at home, which is a cultural difference? Or a difference in habits? Today, I'm going to take a good look at those things about the dryer for you!

  Washing machines and dryers solve washing and drying problems

  In fact, the dryer has become the European and American family standard, are popular in foreign countries, because they don't think openly drying clothes outdoors regards, especially underwear, in western countries, especially pay attention to privacy, in outdoor air to bask in clothings is regarded as uncivilized behavior, more unexpected is, in some areas clothes it is forbidden by law!

  Another factor is climate. Most countries in Europe are temperate maritime climate, sunny all the year round is not too much, have to, invented a dryer to solve this pain point, and the European countries along the Mediterranean coast is actually drying clothes, because the sun is more abundant.

  Drying clothes outdoors is common in China

  And to compatriots, the behavior that air basks in clothings seems to be "since ancient times" such! In addition, domestic consumers generally pursue a multi-purpose machine, that is, spend a share of the money, let a machine as far as possible have more functions. In the laundry demand continues to deepen and develop today, a single washing machine product has been unable to meet the needs of users laundry diversification, integration of washing, drying, sterilization, drying and other multi-functional products can be favored (such as washing and drying integrated machine is favored by domestic consumers)。 And abroad is on the contrary, they are opposite to the cognition of the product be particular about full-time to be able only, namely a product needs to do his duty function well enough only, washing machine advocate washs clothes clean, dry clothes machine can be used at drying clothings only.

  Differences in attitudes at home and abroad have made dryers unpopular at home

  Generally speaking, there are two reasons for the high popularity of clothes dryer in foreign countries. One is political and cultural factors. The second factor is climatic conditions. Actually, in my opinion, for the moment, among the two factors and one more thing: consumers abroad especially attention to energy conservation and consumption reduction, such as everyone had heard of the eu standard is very strict, however, compared with natural air, use the dryer must be accompanied by a lot of energy resources consumption, the pursuit of energy conservation and environmental protection with them on the intentions. Talking about emission reduction and environmental protection, but at the same time living a life of wasting resources…
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