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Is a washer-dryer or a dryer better? Tell me about the dryer

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  A lot of people think, the way that adds natural air to dry through washing machine is economic environmental protection again, especially the dress that passes blast bask in clothes can kill, because this is in sunshine, go into street lane, look up, the ground that adorns blue sky is bai yun not only, still having all sorts of clothings.

  However, the outdoor environment is deteriorating at present, and people begin to worry that hanging clothes outside will absorb a lot of harmful particles. At the same time, in rainy weather, keeping clothes wet for a long time will not only breed bacteria, but also may stink and grow mildew, which will make the whole garment unusable.

  Actually, in abroad, it is common practice to wash clothes with washing machine and then dry them with dryer. In recent years, more and more people in China pay attention to the problem of dry clothes, now the market is roughly divided into two categories, the first is the combination of washing machine + dryer, the second is the use of washing and drying integrated washing machine. So which type should you choose as a consumer?

  Drying principle of drying clothes

  Is it better to wash and bake in one or separate dryer? First, let's analyze the drying principle of the two.

  A clothes dryer

  Generally speaking, the dryer is mainly through the heat exchange principle, from the air pump into the cold air, heat forming a high temperature air flow to the wet clothes, cool down and take away the moisture, clothing drying effect, the current dryer type can be roughly divided into two types of direct and heat pump.

  Traditional straight-line dryers: fans blow heated air into damp clothing, taking moisture away and draining it through a rear vent. Due to its relatively simple structure and low cost, it is a relatively low-end machine in the market, and its price is relatively low, but it consumes a lot of electricity.

  Heat pump dryer: collect the heat generated in each stage of drying process and recycle to make the temperature of hot air blown more uniform, and then use the condensation system to condense the hot air from wet clothes into liquid water, and out of the inner barrel. Heat pump dryer this is the market dryer, of course, the price is higher.

  One - piece washing and drying machine

  After the clothes are dehydrated, the drying process is directly run for constant temperature and condensation drying to solve the laundry drying problem. When working, always keep cold water through the inside of the pipe network, reduce the pipe network surface temperature, high temperature evaporation clothes on the moisture, meet the surface of the pipe network into water, and then drain out, to dry. If you do not turn on the faucet drying, steam will return to the clothes, the effect is not very good.
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